Tech village

What if kids in the rural areas of Kenya could have access to technology such as computers and smart phones to them while they are receiving their primary school education? What impact would that have on them? Can they stand a better chance at competing to get into the top universities? Could they use access to information to change the local community? Well this is what Chaaria Primary School has been testing for the last ten years. Started by the late Dr. Timothy Kiogora (Kendi's dad), this simple computer lab has transformed the community in many ways. Students from the primary school have embraced the computer technology and have improved overall testing scores. It's considered a privilege to go to the 'school with computers" as Gaitu is a small remote town in Meru County, 4 hours from the capital Nairobi. Adults in the community use the computer lab after hours and have enjoyed being connected to the rest of the word. We want to expand this profound project and so for every purchase in 2020, 5% will go to expanding this project. Our specific needs are to get solid internet connectivity and additional computers and acquiring some smart phones. Each desktop costs roughly $175 and they are purchased in Nairobi. To learn more or to contribute directly to this project, please email