About Us

Kendi Amani

Chief Adventurer and Designer

June Mwenda

Director of Operations- Kenya


Our team of expert beaders is diverse with women from various tribes who bring their skills and love for creating jewelry to each handmade piece.


KENDI AMANI exists to spark adventure through vibrant fashion accessories. We design accessories to accompany you on all your adventures effortlessly.


We transform traditional materials and styles into accessories to fit the modern woman. 


Kendi is an adventurer. She's believes adventure can be a part of everyday life.

While in Kenya visiting her family, Kendi found her love for African prints and hats come together. She wanted a wide brim hat that would protect her hair and skin from harmful sun damage while visiting her homeland. She couldn't find one so she designed her own. Upon returning to the US she launched Exotik Wear which later became KENDI AMANI. Now the brand has expanded to make jewelry and other adventure-ready accessories designed to jazz up any look easily. It was a lifelong dream for Kendi to promote the stellar workmanship of artisans in Kenya around the world while economically empowering them to grow within their own communities. 

KENDI AMANI is a family run business headquartered in the US with production all done in Kenya. 

We're proud to promote fair trade practices.